Death and Grief
Dying Animal in Transition


Onye has a deep interest in helping animals and their families as the animal prepares for and completes its transition. More information is often revealed about the animal in transition that may provide consolation during this difficult time.

The experience of an animal's transition can be heart-breaking and can also be a period of intense closeness for the families involved, as well as a time of growth, renewal, and healing. For this reason, working with people and their animals during this time can be beautiful and rewarding in so many ways. Animal communication, spiritual healing ,and counseling help people and their animals transcend the animal’s death with comfort and peace.

When an animal or people are approaching transition, communication can clear unfinished business and provide reassurance for both the animal and the person. Animals, like people, often have important matters to reveal prior to departing this world. These matters can involve fun or painful times as well as sweet memories.

Communication with an animal can assist people in understanding how to support their companion comfortably at the end of life - healing words, encouragement, and recognizing the final needs of their animal It is very important for both animals and companions to share their hearts and soul and ensure a measure of closure. As a result, each may have a sense of comfort, resolution, and completion.

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How to Prepare for an Animal Communication Appointment

Many people find it helpful to make a list of their inquiries and concerns before an appointment. It is not absolutely necessary to bring your animal to the appointment. However, if your animal insists, you may bring him/her along.

During the appointment, Onye asks a few questions regarding their animal’s life history. By the end of the session, there will be a clear understanding of the causes and effects of the animal's health and the animal’s concerns.

Generally, Onye shares messages he receives from the animal and deepens understanding between the owner and animal. Onye approaches each session with reverence, sacredness, and clarity.