What is Animal Communication?

Do you know that most animals, including people, use body language and nonverbal communication skills, as well as sound and smell to communicate with one another? Well, many animals communicate also by telepathic, intuitive, and other subtle ways such as releasing pheromones (airborne chemicals) to send messages to one another. These more subtle messages certainly play an important role in reproduction and social behaviors. Altogether these methods of communication are used by animals, insects, and even humans!

Animals naturally can send visual images, feelings, thoughts, ideas, and strong sensations as effective tools of commutation. Many times these ways of communicating have unique words, accompanied by strong vibrations, to stress the meanings and significance of their intentions.

Some people have the belief that animals have no feelings and emotions, or are even intelligent. In my experiences with animals, it is completely the opposite. Some animals have a greater capacity to love, communicate, and relate far better than some humans. If all humans could love animals and the Divinity of nature as Saint Francis of Assisi did, as well as other animal lovers, our world could be much more harmonious and joyful.

Sending and Receiving Feelings

You can send a feeling or emotion to an animal by experiencing the feelings and then imagining that the feeling is transmitted to the animal. An intuitive communication requires sending and receiving information mentally, emotionally, visually, and spiritually.

By using your intuition, you can feel or sense the physical feelings that an animal is experiencing; you can tell if the animal is in pain and where the pain is. You can have an impression of the animal's health.

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An animal communication expert can assist you with deeper communication with your animal. Practiced animal communicators have fine tuned their abilities to connect with all aspects of message making that animals employ, which many owners do not recognize. An animal expert can share and teach these skills, so that each owner can deepen their ability to connect and appreciate their animals in a kinder and more loving manner.